VIP Intensive – The Profit Plan

Take the panic out of your numbers and uncover the 5% of accounting you need to know to run your business like a CEO.

Have you avoided conversations or looked the other way when the subject of accounting comes up?

Do you feel vulnerable when you think about your numbers? And get anxious talking to your accountant, only doing so when you ‘have to’?

If you been seduced by the 7-figure businesses that push the ‘sell more, make more’ approach, you may have neglected the accounting process. This often leads to focusing on revenue instead of profit and why many 7-figure businesses do not have any cash.

As a business owner, I know there is a lot to do, marketing, technical, copy writing, managing a team, never mind the paperwork and accounts – often there is little left in the tank to face numbers and spreadsheets.

Running your business like a CEO, is about knowing how to read and interpret your financial statements so you have the confidence, clarity, and ability to make effective strategic decisions based on your numbers.

By creating the right process inside your business, you can focus on the 5% of numbers for less than 1 hour a week and keep more of the money you make.

VIP Intensive – The Profit Plan (Investment €1,500)

I help you introduce the right process into your business through my 3 fundamental accounting blocks.

Over eight hours 1 to 1 mentoring and strategic sessions, together we will:-

✅ Put processes and systems in place. Check list your current systems and make you’re input in minimal. Gathering information can be time consuming (70% of accounting) and often the only job that gets done. Get your internal systems set up, so everything works like clockwork.

Leaving you to deal with higher value tasks, that need your input.

Understand your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and know your Margins.  Understand how your decisions affect your bottom line, by knowing  how to read and interpret the numbers – the language of your business. (25% of accounting). They are the most important analytics about your business and how it is performing.

Get out of the ‘reactive mode’ and always know you are making the right decisions for your business to grow.

✅ Create your unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to take you to the next level. Tie your numbers in with your business and life goals. Know what you want to measure and how to keep track. (5% of accounting)

Always know what you need to do to reach your goals – making them easier to achieve.

Walk away with a implementation plan, knowing what is important to you and how to measure it in 90 days (or less).

There are tons of programmes out there that will tell you how to make more money, there are very few showing you how to keep more money. This is IT!

Move towards profit growth and away from burnout and book your place here! See results now and join up while you still can. Places are limited. Finish out 2021 with a bang and start 2022 with a plan!

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I already outsource my bookkeeping, do I need this?

Yes, outsourcing is part of the process, however, the aim of this programme is to reduce your input so you can concentrate of the 5% CEO numbers.

Do I need to change my accountant if I work with you?

No, this programme works in tandem with your accountant (and bookkeeper)

How much information do I need to share with you?

I am registered with The Institute of Chartered Management Accountant and am bound by their ethics. I will send you an engagement letter which includes a confidentiality agreement.  However, to get the most from the programme, it is likely you will share your accounting reports with me.

Once I sign up what happens?

I will send you a questionnaire to complete – takes approx. 20 minutes. The questionnaire is designed to highlight any gaps you have in the steps process.

From this I will prepare the first mentoring session, where we will map out what is to be achieved and agree times to meet.

What if I change my mind?

Please feel free to book a ‘Free Consultation Session’ with me here, if you would like to chat before committing.  If you do go ahead and book the programme and after the first session, you decided this is not right for you, a refund less €100 admin fee will be given.

Do I need to sign up to any applications or software programmes?

Normally I recommend getting an accountancy package and automating the bookkeeping process as much as possible to free up your time. However, this is your decision and can be discussed as part of the Process & Systems sessions.

What if we do not get everything done in 90 days?

These mentoring sessions have been designed to be completed in 90 days or less. This creates momentum and you will find it easier to achieve the results you want.


Take the panic out of your accounts and uncover the 5% of accounting you need to run your business like a CEO.  

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What other say

In my transition back into the job market, I worked in an accountancy firm. It informs my high praise for Carmel Seery ACMA,CGMA, She brings her skills as a gifted teacher & communicator to her work with SMEs & microbusinesses. Business owners’ success relies more on the healthy relationship to our finances that she stresses, than simply meeting tax deadlines. Eve Early – Empowering Change

Highly recommend Carmel. I actually understood finance related info for once without my eyes glazing over 😂 Member – Bite The Biscuit

The numbers tell their own story, but I didn’t speak the language they did. Yesterdays class with Carmel about the Profit and loss account was eye opening, I started to see connections, and understand the relationship they had to each other and the impact they had on me, Sonya Quinn – HipBaby

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