The Pricing Power Plan

You’ve just finished a 20 min presentation; you’ve done your research,

you know your stuff and it has gone very well.  Plenty of questions and engagement. 

Next you have to close, all of a sudden you start fumbling over your words.  You ‘fall’ over your prices, you mumble how to book and your voice trails off….

Where did the savvy business entrepreneur go? 

Many entrepreneurs feel this way.  Lack of clarity around your pricing brings a lack of confidence.   Pricing is just a tool we use to navigate our relationship with our customers to the next level.  It is a positioning indicator that tells your client how much value you can bring to their business.

Creating a pricing strategy that works for your business, compliments your brand and supports your business model does not happen in isolation.

However, having a list of prices based on your competitors or an hourly rate, can often lead to burn out and your customers seeing you as a cost rather than a benefit to their business.

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Book The Power Pricing Plan with me and over 90 minutes I will help you with all your pricing questions and formulate a pricing strategy and works for you and your business.

💡   Increasing your current prices

💡   Value vs Competitor vs Project based pricing – which works best for you.

💡   Pricing for a new product/service

💡   Negotiating better pricing from existing clients

Over 90 minutes, we will:

  • Define the issue you want to address during the session and understand the impact this has on the business and on profit.
  • Work on different options and strategies and get a best fit for your business,
  • Create a plan on how to implement this strategy in the next 3 / 6 months
  • When to move to the next level.

How it works:

  • You will be sent a short questionnaire, that needs to be completed 24 hours before our session. This provides me with the information I need to plan our call.
  • We hop on a Zoom call, which will be recorded and sent to you. This session will be available to you to download.


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