You are not alone

On Friday morning I went onto my friend Vivienne Cardin radio show on FM103.2. It followed on from my The MONEY MAP’ webinar the night before.

The webinar was a huge success for me. In part, because I made some sales (yay), but also because I managed one of my biggest fears – technology!

I got to understand the process and systems so much more. Like most of us entrepreneurs, we have a lot of things going on. At times trying to understand technology and marketing funnels can make my head hurt!

Yet, to get to a stage when I can sell from a webinar, I’ve always known I’d have to master it. Last Thursday was a good day! Last Thursday I got my funnel right!

So, Friday morning on the radio show, I was able to speak about the struggles my clients have and their fears when it comes to money and numbers, and how understanding your numbers will help you move the dial in your business.

Have a listen to the show here.

‘The MONEY MAP’ combines my business philosophy of  Head & Heart accountancy, which brings all of you into the process.

If The MONEY MAP’ is something you are interested it, I do have some slots still available. Due to the nature of this product places are limited so let me know if you would like a spot.

If you are not sure if The MONEY MAP’ is right for you, book a 15 minute no-strings-attached call to see if it is a good fit for you.

I’d love if you shared this article with your business friends or anyone you think may be interested.

Chat soon.


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