Wanting to make money is ok!


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know, that my mission is to talk about money and how you can keep more of it in your business.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed how people talk about other people making money, often, negatively, like wanting to make money in your business is a bad thing.

A friend of mine has an online coaching business.  The business was going from strength to strength.    She had really tapped into who her customer was, and the pain point she was helping them with.  However, one of her projects launches went wrong and she ended up having to cancel a large online workshop and giving the money back to her customers.

You are for Profit

Here’s the point I want to share with you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making money in business.  There is nothing wrong with making money the focus of your business.  It is what we all should be doing.

If you are not comfortable charging money and making money in your business, then either do what you do as a hobby or start a charity.

Day 1 in Business School – A business is set up to make a profit.

There is no ambiguity, you are here to make profit.

However, for you to make money, you must have a plan and the plan must have goals.

Where people can sometimes get lost, my friend being one of them, these goals MUST tie in with your values.  Check out my blog about creating Soulful Goals here.

If you do not tie in your goals with your values, you may lose your way.

Getting the Right Support

As a business owner, there comes a time when you will need to invest in support.  You will need to have someone help you develop so you can make the big decisions, help you create the right processes for your business, so you can get to the next level.  You will need to invest in someone that will get to know your business and how you want to grow it.

Finding the right support is critical, they must align with your core values.

When my friend wanted support for her business,  she decided to work with someone she knew got results.  She wanted someone, she knew, would be able to deliver for her.  She did not look at their values, all she know was that they were very straight talking with a strong personality. She knew other people that had worked with them and were happy.  My friend hesitated at first,  she thought there might be a clash of personality but felt  the results spoke for themselves and silenced her inter voice went and hired this coach.

Her business did go from strength to strength, or at least it did ‘look that way’ from the outside.  She was building up to hold an online training session over 3 days.  Her following was growing and her she had a sizable waiting list.  Six months into the new programme it all came crashing down.  In her words – ‘I lost sight of what I started my business for, it became all about the money.  I felt it was a game, I would check the numbers every couple of hours, during a launch and I was very much disconnected from the purpose of my business’

It came crashing down because my friend lost sight of her values.

She lost sight of what she wanted her business to achieve.

Her downfall was not because of money, but because she didn’t tie her goals into her values, she tied her goals into making money.

Making sure your vision and growth for your business reflect you and the values you represent.  Get the right support, with people that share your values.

The money will come, and you will be able to enjoy it.

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