Know Your Numbers

When it comes to their numbers in business, most entrepreneurs are winging it – are you?

When strapped for cash, do you buckle down and go into sales mode? Creating a busy world where you are always chasing!

Chasing the sale, chasing your clients, chasing the deal!

Money is flying in (and out) of your business!

You have a consistent niggling feeling that things are not quite right, but you have work to do, meetings to run, tasks that need doing, there is never enough time to look at your numbers.

Through (a lot) of long nights, you get all your paperwork to  your accounts – just in time to get filled. Phew, job done, move on!

Then… the numbers come back… you are excited… all those sales… yep it was a bumper sales year….go you!… then you see your profit… you check your bank….you think…

“Where Did My Money Go?”

Deflated and burnt out, you think…. I know… I just need to sell more….

I help entrepreneurs stop the ‘sell more make more’ hamster wheel and step into the CEO role so they can grow their business and scale with ease.


Build a Strong Foundation

Make Finance a resource, not a headache

  • Online bookkeeping course to keep you on track and save you time
  • Identify the information you need to make the right decisions
  • Understand where your time is best spent.


The Profit Plan

For Growth and Control

  • Learn what your numbers are actually telling you
  • Uncover the 5% of accounting you need to make better decisions
  • Always know you are on track to meet your goals
  • Create your business KPI’s so you can scale with ease


Growth in Numbers

Scaling Through Numbers

  • Create your strategy to scale your business
  • Extract the key insights from your financial reports
  • Growing Profit at the same rate as Sales Growth
  • Clarity & Confidence in your decision making

Blog Posts

I love working with Carmel. Having an up to date, accurate financial understanding of my business, empowers and informs my decision making in a way that helps me trust more and stress less.

Amanda Grace: Artist. Facilitator. Pilgrim Soul.

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