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Are you getting what you need from your company books? Do you love finance? Are you getting all the information you need to make the right decisions for your company?

No? Don’t worry you are not unusual. Nearly 70% of business are not getting anything out of their company accountants and feel it is a chore to be completed rather that a tool to be used.

Did you know that you are missing out on valuable information that will help you understand and grow your business?No need to panic! You are in the right place.

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Carmel is a qualified Certified Management Accountant (CIMA) with over 20 years experience working in industry. For the past 10 years, Carmel has been running a very busy finance team in the IT sector, with responsibility for the company Financial Statements.

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Fall in Love with Finance

Fall in Love with Finance, is a one stop shop to setting up the bookkeeping systems you need to understand and control your business. From learning what information is needed, to creating and understanding simple financial statements, this course delivers.

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We offer a one stop shop for all of your financial and business needs, taking the worry out of having to find a tax, financial or management accountant. We support your business from book keeping to strategic growth and everything in between.

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Carmel was great. She really helped me organise my books and saved me so much time that I’m now able to put more time into business development.

Sarah Smith: Coffee Shop Owner

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