Know Your Numbers

I help you get control of your business, by building simple processes so that you always know your cash position.

As a management accountant, I create a safe and expert space to explore your relationship with money, so you can become stronger, more confident and ultimately fluent with your finance.

By using a combination of processes and systems (the HEAD) with your mindset and attitude to money (the HEART), you will lift the ‘money fog’ and be able to take the necessary steps to grow your business through profit.

As a business owner, taking the holistic approach to your numbers makes so much sense!  The numbers become more relatable and useable.

I show you how to keep more of the cash you earn, understand your business financials so you can make:

  • The right decisions for your business
  • The best use of your time
  • The most money


Fall in Love with Finance

Make Finance a resource, not a headache

  • Online bookkeeping course to keep you on track and save you time
  • Identify the information you need to make the right decisions
  • Understand where your time is best spent.


The Money Map

For Growth and Control

  • Get a 12 month cash forecast plan for your business
  • Know what money is coming in
  • Plan what money is going out
  • Let your MAP help you to keep more of the money you earn


Mastermind Group

Getting your business to thrive

  • Dive deeper into your numbers
  • Extract the key insights from your financial reports
  • Expert-led Tutorials and 1:1 hot seat opportunities
  • Clarity & Confidence that your money is working for you

A Pathway To Profit – to know your future you need to plan it!


Blog Posts

I love working with Carmel. Having an up to date, accurate financial understanding of my business, empowers and informs my decision making in a way that helps me trust more and stress less.

Amanda Grace: Artist. Facilitator. Pilgrim Soul.

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