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Running a business can be stressful.  The lines between you and the business can often become blurred.   It is so important to have financial clarity on what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there.

Knowing your numbers

When it comes to building your business, the temptation to focus on sales only is very enticing.  Everything on social media is about 6 figure this and 7 figure that.  True, to grow a business means growing your sales numbers, but, when the focus is on sales only it is often heart breaking to come to the end of the year (even a ‘bumper’ year) and see that your profit has only grown slightly, or even, not grown at all when compared to previous years.

Therefore, it is so important to check all your numbers throughout the year.  Checking in so you that you can see:

  • What is happening in your business now!
  • Are you on track to meet your yearend goals?
  • Do you have enough money in the bank to invest in new resources?

Having control of your numbers takes the guess work out of most decisions you make in your business and gives you confidence that the right course of action is being taken.

Focusing On:

  • Creating profits for the business for now and the future
  • Maximise return on investment for your time and energy
  • Your long-term financial gain

Building the right systems and processes in your business today will enable you to reach your short, medium and long term goals for you and your business.

Understanding Knowing Your Numbers

Knowing Your Numbers is about creating profit for your business and ensuring an acceptable return on investment (ROI). Numbers management is accomplished through:

  • Monthly Management Account
  • Setting up ‘best practice’ financial controls
  • Using the right systems and processes to provide the best up todate information for financial decision-making.

Knowing Your Numbers involves continuous evaluating, planning, and adjusting to keep the company focused and on track toward their yearly goals.

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