VIP Intensive – The Profit Plan

Take the panic out of your accounts and uncover the 5% of accounting you need to run your business like a CEO.

Have you avoided conversations or looked the other way when the subject of accounting comes up?

Do you feel vulnerable when you think about your numbers?

Are you anxious talking to your accountant and only do so if you ‘have to’?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I am so happy you here, because I am going to help you understand what you need to know, take away overwhelm and help you step up like a CEO.

VIP Intensive – The Profit Plan

Together we work through my 3 fundamental accounting steps you need so you can run your business like a CEO.

Over eight 1 to 1 sessions, together we will cover:-

✅ Put processes and systems in place. Gathering the paperwork and information can be time consuming (70% of accounting) and often the only jobs that gets done.

Get your internal systems set up, so everything works like clockwork.

Understand your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and know your margins.  Know what each report means and what they say about your company. (25% of accounting)

They are the most important analytics about your business and how it is performing.

✅ Create your unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to take you to the next level. Tie your numbers in with your business and life goals. (5% of accounting)

Know what is important to you and how to measure it in 90 days (or less).

Move towards profit growth and away from burnout and book your place here! See results now and join up while you still can. Places are limited. Finish out 2021 with a bang and start 2022 with a plan!

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I already outsource my bookkeeping, do I need this?

Yes, outsourcing is part of the process, however, the aim of this programme is to reduce your input so you can concentrate of the 5% CEO numbers.

Do I need to change my accountant if I work with you?

No, this programme works in tandem with your accountant (and bookkeeper)

How much information do I need to share with you?

I am registered with The Institute of Chartered Management Accountant and am bound by their ethics. I will send you an engagement letter which includes a confidentiality agreement.  However, to get the most from the programme, it is likely you will share your accounting reports with me.

What if I change my mind?

Please feel free to book a ‘Free Consultation Session’ with me here, if you would like to chat before committing.  If you do go ahead and book the programme and after the first session, you decided this is not right for you, a refund less €100 admin fee will be given.

Do I need to sign up to any applications or software programmes?

Normally I recommend getting an accountancy package and automating the bookkeeping process as much as possible to free up your time. However, this is your decision and can be discussed as part of the Process & Systems sessions.

What if we do not get everything done in 90 days?

The programme has been designed to be completed in 90 days or less. This creates momentum and you will find it easier to achieve the results you want.

Take the panic out of your accounts and uncover the 5% of accounting you need to run your business like a CEO.  

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